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	      === TECHNICAL REPORTS ===
Key	Author(s)   Hard Copy	Title
Prospectus.87  			WRL Prospectus 87-88
86/1    Nielsen         	Titan System Manual
86/3    Wall                    Global Register Allocation at Link Time
86/4    Hamburgen               Optimal Finned Heat Sinks
87/1    Wall/Powell             The Mahler Experience: Using an Intermediate
                                Language as the Machine Description
87/2    Mogul et al.            The Packet Filter: An Efficient Mechanism for
                                User-level Network Code
87/3    Kent/Mogul              Fragmentation Considered Harmful
87/4    Kent                    Cache Coherence in Distributed Systems
87/5    Wall                    Register Windows vs. Register Allocation
87/6    Asente		*       Editing Graphical Objects using Procedural
87/7    Reid                    The USENET Cookbook: and Experiment in
                                Electronic Publication
88/1    Dion            *       Fast Printed Circuit Board Routing
88/2    Bartlett                Compacting Garbage Collection with Ambiguous
88/3    Mogul                   The Experimental Literature of The Internet:
                                An Annotated Bibliography
88/4    Boggs et al.            Measured Capacity of an Ethernet: Myth and
88/5    Estrin, Mogul,          Visa Protocols for Controlling Inter-
        Tsudik, Anand           Organizational Datagram Flow: Extended
89/1    Bartlett                SCHEME->C  A Portable Scheme-to-C Compiler
89/2    Turrini                 Optimal Group Distribution in Carry-Skip Adders
89/3    Hamburgen               Precise Robotic Paste Dot Dispensing
89/4    Mogul                   Simple and Flexible Datagram Access Controls
                                for Unix-based Gateways
89/5    Srinivasan,             Spritely NFS:  Implementation and Performance
        Mogul                   of Cache-Consistency Protocols
89/7    Jouppi, Wall            Available Instruction-Level Parallelism for
                                Superscalar and Superpipelined Machines
89/8    Jouppi, et al.          A Unified Vector/Scalar Floating-Point
89/9    Jouppi                  Architectural and Organizational Tradeoffs in
                                the Design of the MultiTitan CPU
89/10   Jouppi                  Integration and Packaging Plateaus of Processor
89/11   Jouppi, Tang            A 20-MIPS Sustained 32-bit CMOS Microprocessor
                                with High Ratio of Sustained to Peak
89/13   Jouppi                  The Distribution of Instruction-Level and
                                Machine Parallelism and Its Effect on
89/14   Borg, et al.            Long Address Traces from RISC Machines:
                                Generation and Analysis
89/17   Wall                    Link-Time Code Modification
90/1    Tang,Yang               Noise Issues in the ECL Circuit Family
90/2    Larrabee                Efficient Generation of Test Patterns Using
                                Boolean Satisfiability
90/3    Larrabee         *      Two Papers on Test Pattern Generation
90/4    Nelson                  Virtual Memory vs. The File System
90/5    Mogul                   Efficient Use of Workstations for Passive
                                Monitoring of Local Area Networks
90/6    Fitch                   A One-Dimensional Thermal Model for
                                the VAX 9000 Multi Chip Units
90/7    Mayo, et al.     *      1990 DECWRL/Livermore Magic Release
90/9    McGillis et al.         Pool Boiling Enhancement Techniques for Water
                                at Low Pressure
91/1    McCormack               Writing Fast X Servers for Dumb Color Frame
91/3    Stark                   Analysis of Power Supply Networks in VLSI
91/4    Boggs                   TurboChannel T1 Adapter
91/5    McFarling               Procedure Merging with Instruction Caches
91/6    Bartlett                Don't Fidget with Widgets, Draw!
91/7    McGillis et al.         Pool Boiling on Small Heat Dissipating Elements
                                in Water at Subatmospheric Pressure
91/8    Yip                     Incremental, Generational Mostly-Copying
                                Garbage Collection in Uncooperative Environments
91/9    Hamburgen               Interleaved Fin Thermal Connectors for Multichip
91/10   Wall                    Experience with a Software-Defined Machine
91/11   Mogul          	        Network Locality at the Scale of Processes
91/12   Jouppi                  Cache Write Policies and Performance
92/1   Hamburgen et al.         Packaging a 150W Bipolar ECL Microprocessor
92/2    Mogul                   Observing TCP Dynamics in Real Networks
92/3    Wall                    Systems for Late Code Modification
92/5	Kao                     Piecewise Linear Models for Switch-Level Simulation
92/6  Srivastava, Wall          A Practical System for Intermodule Code Optimization
                                at Link-Time
93/1   McCormack et al.         A Smart Frame Buffer
93/2   Mogul                    Recovery in Spritely NFS
93/3   Jouppi, Wilton   	Tradeoffs in Two-Level On-Chip Caching
93/4   Srivastava               Unreachable Procedures in Object-oriented
93/6   Wall                     Limits of Instruction-Level Parallelism

		       === TECHNICAL NOTES ===
Key     Author(s)       	Title
TN-4    Reid, Kent              TCP/IP PrintServer: Print Server Protocol
TN-7    Kent                    TCP/IP PrintServer: Server Architecture and
TN-9    McCormack               Smart Code, Stupid Memory  A Fast X Server
                                for a Dumb Color Frame Memory
TN-11   Ousterhout              Why Aren't Operating Systems Getting Faster
                                As Fast As Hardware?
TN-12   Bartlett                Mostly-Copying Garbage Collection Picks Up
                                Generations and C++
TN-15   Wall                    Limits of Instruction-Level Parallelism
TN-16   Mogul, Borg             The Effect of Context Switches on Cache
TN-17   Goldberg                MTOOL: A Method For Detecting Memory
TN-18   Wall                    Predicting Program Behavior Using Real or
                                Estimated Profiles
TN-19   Wall                    Systems for Late Code Modification
TN-21   Srivastava              Unreachable Procedures in Object-oriented
TN-22   McFarling               Cache Replacement with Dynamic Exclusion
TN-23   McGillis, et al         Boiling Binary Mixtures at Subatmospheric
TN-24   Fitch                   A Comparison of Acoustic and Infrared
                                Inspection Techniques for Die Attach
TN-26   Boggs                   TurboChannel Versatec Adapter
TN-27   Mogul                   A Recovery Protocol for Spritely NFS
TN-29	Boyle			Electrical Evaluation Of The BIPS-0 Package
TN-30   Bartlett                Transparent Controls for Interactive Graphics
TN-32   Dion, Monier            Design Tools for BIPS-0
TN-36   McFarling               Combining Branch Predictors
TN-37   Mayo, Touati            Boolean Matching for Full-Custom ECL Gates
TN-40   Kao, Horowitz           Piecewise Linear Models for Rsim
TN-44	Eustace, Srivastava	ATOM: A Flexible Interface for Building High Performance
				Program Analysis Tools