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This library contains technical documentation for DIGITAL Alpha microprocessors and Alpha ATX motherboards. You'll find technical documentation for our older products in our Documentation Archives.

The documents in this library are available as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. To view PDF files, use the Adobe® Acrobat Reader®. If you are not already using the Adobe Acrobat Reader with your browser, download the file and set it up as a browser "helper" application. For information about setting up helper applications, see your browser's online help or documentation.

Contact your local OEM sales office to request support or additional information about Alpha products and documentation.



21264 Microprocessor
Alpha 21264 Hardware Reference Manual
EC-RJRZA-TE (July 1999)
PDF (7481KB)
Compiler Writer's Guide for the Alpha 21264
EC-RJ66A-TE (June 1999)
PDF (1546KB)
Alpha 21264 Microprocessor Product Brief
EC-R2YTB-TE (September 1998)
PDF (72KB)
21164PC Microprocessor
Alpha 21164PC (PCA57) Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual
EC-RADPA-TE (December 1998)
PDF (2667KB)
Alpha 21164PC Microprocessor Product Brief
EC-R2W2B-TE (June 1997)
PDF (30KB)
Alpha 21164PC (PCA56) Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual
EC-R2W0A-TE (September 1997)
PDF (2726KB)
Alpha 21164PC Microprocessor Data Sheet
EC-R2W1A-TE (September 1997)
PDF (1084KB)
21164 (366 MHz through 600 MHz) Microprocessor
21164 Alpha Microprocessor Product Brief
EC-QP97D-TE (March 1997)
PDF (47KB)
21164 Alpha Microprocessor Hardware Reference Manual
EC-QP99C-TE (December 1998)
PDF (3108KB)
21164 Alpha Microprocessor Data Sheet
EC-QP98C-TE (August 1998)
PDF (1352KB)
Core Logic Chipsets
21172 Core Logic Chipset
21172 Core Logic Chipset Product Brief
EC-QUQHA-TE (March 1996)
PDF (115KB)
21172 Core Logic Chipset Technical Reference Manual
EC-QUQJA-TE (April 1996)
PDF (1019KB)
AlphaPC 264DP
AlphaPC 264DP Product Brief
EC-RBD0A-TE (December 1998)
PDF (37KB)
AlphaPC 264DP User's Manual
EC-RB0BA-TE (February 1999)
PDF (1577KB)
AlphaPC 264DP Technical Reference Manual
EC-RB0DA-TE (February 1999)
PDF (1459KB)
Alpha Architecture
Alpha Architecture Handbook
EC-QD2KC-TE (October 1998)
PDF (5394KB)
Software Developer's Kit
Alpha Motherboards Software Developer's Kit V4.0 Product Brief
EC-QXQKD-TE (April 1999)
PDF (36KB)
Alpha Motherboards Software Developer's Kit Read Me First
EC-QERSJ-TE (April 1999)
PDF (94KB)
Alpha Microprocessors Motherboard Debug Monitor User's Guide
EC-QHUVG-TE (April 1999)
PDF (994KB)
Alpha Microprocessors Motherboard Software Design Tools User's Guide
EC-QHUWE-TE (April 1999)
PDF (630KB)
Alpha Microprocessors SROM Mini-Debugger User's Guide
EC-QHUXD-TE (April 1999)
PDF (406 KB)
Application Notes
SPICE Models for Alpha Microprocessors: An Application Note
EC-QA4XG-TE (March 1997)
PDF (33KB)


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